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Technologies allow the player to enhance their gameplay by specializing in particular aspects of the game. This is done by investing skillpoints (earned by leveling with a 1:1 ratio between levels:skillpoints) into what are commonly referred to as 'talents' in many pre-existing RPG games. In addition to the player's choice of ship, technologies specify which aspects of the game the user wishes to enhance.


Every time a player increases in level they are awarded a single skillpoint; these acquired points may be spent on technologies and are lost at said time. If a player wishes to return all current skillpoints for re-entry, a retcon can be purchased from CMOSS.

Planning Ahead

Before investing skillpoints, the player should be aware of three characteristics which may or may not influence the efficacy of their choices.


As detailed in the section about luck, different technologies interact with others differently depending on the situation. This mechanic should be strongly considered before investing in 'Steady Hands'.


Depending on the player's choice certain technologies may become unusable upon investing skillpoints in their opposing counterparts. One example is in the Utilize tree between 'Fine Filters' and 'Course Filters' in that whichever is chosen the other will become unavailable unless the player purchases a retcon. The description and/or arrows directing all technological advancement denote this mechanic clearly.


Almost all technologies are based on percentages either increasing or decreasing a base statistic. In this way, percentage-based tech that reduce prices, wait times and/or otherwise decrease a finite number do in fact reduce themselves in efficacy as more skillpoints are invested into them. One example is outlined below using the 'Fine Filters' technology.

With one point invested, the total gather time of 60 seconds for one [1] kilogram of raw xendorium is reduced by 1%. This means that. . .

60 [s] - (60 [s] × 0.01 [1%]) = 59.4 [s]

. . . so the reduction in time is 0.6 seconds for the first investment into said technology. If we increase it by another point, however . . .

59.4 [s] - (59.4 [s] × 0.01 [1%]) = 58.806 [s]

. . . the second investment into this technology was therefor reduced in efficacy by 0.006 seconds by comparison to the first.

When increasing something with a particular tech, however, the initial equation is not changed and only the base particular is affected, as seen with the 'Opportunist' technology:

1000 [g] + (Number of OP [1] × 1000 [g] × 0.01 [1%]) = 1010 [g]

In the first addition, the player gains 10 g more raw xendorium, per gather, for the first point invested in said technology. The same can be said of all succeeding skillpoint investments:

1000 [g] + (Number of OP [2] × 1000 [g] × 0.01 [1%]) = 1020 [g]

Had either examples have been calculated differently, the gather time could be eventually reduced to 0 (or negative time) through the investment of 100+ skillpoints into 'Fine Filters'; likewise, subsequent investment of skillpoints into the 'Opportunist' technology would actually increase the efficacy for each point and would result in unappropriated godliness.



This tree refers solely to unit/building advances and so is locked until the advent of Beta version.


The Utilize Technology tree enhances an array of platitudes, although its focus is primarily on active vocation. In this way the player will find the majority of actions are enhanced by investing into it.

Utilize Technologies
Opportunist Increases amount(s) transported to your ship from things like planets and in-game objects by 1%.
Steady Hands Increases your luck.
Fine Filters Reduces resources lost from refining by 1% for each point. You may only choose one type of filter for refinement.
Course Filters Reduces the time it takes to refine resources by 1% for each point. You may only choose one type of filter for refinement.
Next-Gen Tech Reduces the time your ship takes to harvest resources through the vacuum of space by 1% for each point.
By the Job Reduction in skilled-buildings' crafting time by 1% for each point. [Only effective in Beta version and on]
Utilitarian Reduces your ships fuel usage while in space by 1% for each point. [Only effective in Beta version and on]


The Augment tree focuses on a combination of nonessential, though fruitful, bonuses to your ship and profitability. Because either side of this tree locks the opposite side out, care should be taken from the beginning to avoid unnecessary retcon.

Augment Technologies
Just Move Some Wires Increases the weight capacity of your ship by 1% for each point.
Thicker Than She Looks Increases the hardiness of your ship's hull by 1% for each point.
Prioritized Increases your ships speed while in space by 1% for each point.
Observant You gain increased experience from resource gathering by space-filtration, as well as ship VS. ship PVP.
Top 'er Off Increases your ship's maximum fuel capacity by 1% for each point.
Mercantile Your persuasion is legendary and as a result you pay 1% less on auction fees for each point.
Enchanting Persona You know everyone; because of this you pay 0.05% less on all listings on the Galactic Trade. This discludes the Cosmauction.