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Ships are one of the only two attachments required to play the Alpha portion of the game. Ships act as a liason between the HUD and Cosmos Master® game objects that can be found scattered throughout Second Life®.

As such they are responsible for performing game mechanics such as resource gathering, cloaking, repairing and conducting battle. Each ship has a unique set of specializations that are highlighted by their efficacy in certain fields of expertise.


Hull is the term used to describe the summation of the total build for the ship currently attached, and the players aquired armour rating. Armour and build are corrolated between the players level of advancement and the base stats of the ship.


Different ships have different specialities, and as such their efficacy may prove suitable to some play styles more than others. Build being the ship's prime defense, also referred to as 'health', depending on the players preference one might prefer a higher defensive stature and so require a ship with said qualities.


Armour is a calculated, additional percentage deducted from each incoming attack. This deduction derives from the Thicker Than She Looks technology and increase proportionately to the number of skillpoints invested. This is demonstrated below, where the process is repeated for the number of points invested.

Damage Taken / Sec [29.7] = Enemy DPS [30] - (Enemy DPS [30] × 0.01)

The above assumes only one skillpoint invested into this technology, while the following assumes two.

Damage Taken / Sec [29.403] = Enemy DPS [29.7] - (Enemy DPS [29.7] × 0.01)

This mechanic is prone to an identical form of mathematical restriction as seen in technological reduction.


Also known as Refined Xendorium, a player uses fuel in exchange for the ability to perform actions with the ship itself (Cloaking, Repairing, Combat etc.). This usage does not include gathering resources and there have been several declarations that this is a permenant feature.

Damage per Second

The damage a ship deals is innately given and is not known to be enhanced in any way. This is the only trait of a ship that cannot not be altered through the technology window.

Cargo Hold

Cargo, wherein the player keeps their inventory (within the ship), is finite. This maximum storage is determined by the result of an innate stat (per ship) and the number of points invested in the Just Move Some Wires technology, multiplied by 1%.


Each type of ship has a unique specialization, or advantage, that allows the player to choose what is otherwise known as a 'Class', within popular MMORPGs. The sole purpose of additional ship types, beyond the BX-Z 42 are for the personal preference and customizability of the player's unique play style, in conjunction with various technologies.

BX-Z 42

The Z42 was the first ship to be introduced; as such it is the ship that's provided free of charge to all players. This means that at no point is a player required to buy a ship.
While well rounded, it's conspicuously more defensive (for initiates' ease of use); in this way the player would find it advantageous to invest in the Thicker Than She Looks technology should they be interested in using it for prolonged periods of use.