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The term 'product' is used ambiguously to describe any stage of manufacture. Though it connotes a 'finished' or 'conversion-ready' commodity, it may be properly used to describe any of the steps of this process.

Resources and Materials

Materials, also referred to as refined resources, are the reactants for which players are to make items. Using a canister a player may refine previously collected resources, into materials, to use for production or further conversion. Items may only be produced following the advent of Beta version, though materials may be made at any point in the game's release.


Xendorium is the first resource/material chronologically, and is the sole product available to Alpha version players. It is gathered from a xendorium vent.
Raw Xendorium
Traditionally green and radioactive, it can be found in vents on the small surface of their corresponding planets. Fortunately, because it forms as a gas and rides its planets' powerful winds, it can be gathered from the planet's outer atmosphere. In this way its planet's gusts are solely responsible for initiates' ability to gather from it.
Refined Xendorium
Also known as fuel, refined xendorium is the only material available to Alpha version players. For this reason, skilling either of the two refining technologies during this version could be seen as advantageous (by manufacturing the only consumable product currently available).


The ways a player converts resources (in Alpha version) are refinement, sale and usage. All facets consume said product and as such provide other product, currency or services in exchange for this loss.