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The HUD (Heads Up Display) is the means through which the player interacts with in-world game-objects. It is also used to control any attached ship the player might be wearing.

Closely resembling commonplace MMO, RTS and RPG games in appearance, it provides a facet for which to play the game in a way already familiar to many players.


The Base; located at the bottom of the player's screen.

The base is where current game information is displayed dynamically. Upon clicking a game object, like a ship or resource prim, its information will be displayed here; data such as icon, name, description, function and many others are visualized in this way.

This portion of the HUD is also used to interface with other parts of itself and so is the player's way of controlling most of their gameplay.

Ship Display

Located on the very left side of the base, a player will see a rotating circle within which a ship may or may not be displayed (depending on whether one is currently attached). To view the overview for a currently worn ship, the player may click their ship's icon at this location (or the ship itself).


After clicking a game object, the player will see their target's information displayed here, at the center of the HUD's base. This can include anything from ships to resource prims, to technologies and acquired resources for conversion. This is where the player will see any and/or all important data relating to their current task.

Menu Buttons

Located opposite to the Ship Display in position, the menu buttons can be seen on the right side of the base. This is where all decisions are made by the player; reminiscent of elder RTS games, these buttons change dynamically to adapt to current tasks and allow a multitude of actions to be performed quickly and easily, with minimal effort. More information about contextually specific menus are seen on their relevant pages throughout the wiki (and within this page).


Depending on the version of the game being played, the number of windows are prone to change. Upon Alpha release, a player wearing a maximized HUD (by pressing the MENU button) will see five tabs along the left side of the current window: Technology, Cosmos, Galactic Trade and two which are locked for the remainder of the current version.

Technology Window

This window harbours much of the player's ability to customize their own gameplay, through investing their earned levels, into Technologies using attained Skillpoints. For detailed information and related usages, see the Technology part of the wiki.

Cosmos Window

Here the player is able to easily access data about, and travel to, linked locations within Second Life®. This section randomizes any registered solar system and connects you to its data, displaying vital information (like resource types, for example) on the base and concurrent window. Through this the player can choose to randomize another system, teleport to a selected system or travel to CMOSS.

Galactic Trade Window

To sell resources collected with a ship, buy refined resources, or to refine the collected resources themselves, the player uses this page. Each constituent function is accessed by clicking its corresponding game object; upon which the page will be promptly displayed in its currently regarded fashion.


This page, being the main facet for product conversion for Alpha version, is where the player performs such actions as buying, selling, refining, and checking inventory as well as the player's Nalden balance.
This section allows the player to buy (or take) product from either a stockpile or the console. Pressing the Buy/Sell button while browsing this section will switch to the Sell section.
Using this section the player may sell (or deposit) product to a stockpile, or the console (on CMOSS). Pressing the Buy/Sell while in this section will switch to the Buy section.
Here, clicking on one of the refining canister game object, the player is able to set, and commit, resources for refinement.
By clicking the Galactic Trade button, the player is able to view their current ship's inventory as well as their wallet.


As with most other parts of the HUD, the different interfaces of this page perform differently based on the context.
While targeting product through this window, the player will see its corresponding info displayed in the target portion of the base that allows adjusting the amount being dealt with.
Denomination Button
Pressing this button (while interacting with) the Galactic Trade, the player can press this to cycle through the amount multiples used to set the aforementioned denomination. Pressing either the Plus Button or Minus Button will increment this denomination - up or down - by the amount currently selected (with this button). It is located between the Plus and Minus buttons.
Plus Button
As mentioned above, pressing this button will increment the current multiple being dealt with, upwards.
Minus Button
Identical to the Plus Button in function, pressing this while interacting with product (through the Galactic Trade window) will increment the current multiple downwards by the denomination set with the Denomination Button.
The Buy/Sell Button
Pressing this button, while interfacing with a stockpile or the console on CMOSS, will toggle between the sections their names suggest. For example, while on the 'Sell' page the clicking of the Buy/Sell button will switch to the 'Buy' section of the page.
Product Buttons
Clicking a product button (one which has an icon displayed within it, that is) will display the current product's information, in the target section of the base, and prompt the player to select either the amount to buy/sell/refine and/or the price for which it should be put up for sale (as in the case of the stockpile).
The Group Button
While this page is open, the player may click the group button's arrows - located at the bottom/center of the Galactic Trade page - and cycle between resources, materials and items exclusively. Naturally this applies to all present sections of the Galactic Trade.