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Bits and Bytes, comparable to company shares, are a means for investors to obtain a return on an investment into Cosmos Master® through an accumulated stipend. Both Bits and Bytes are equivalent in mechanic, though a Byte is valued at eight times more than a Bit and so provides a proportionally increased allowance.

There will never be more than 25,000 (twenty-five thousand) Bits available. This includes Bytes, which are calculated as a cumulative 8 (eight) Bits inclusively.


The possessor of a single Bit receives 0.004% of the shared stipend. As such, the payment deadline for Bits is the first of every month so investors in and of this kind can expect their stipend released then.


Because a Byte is valued as 8 (eight) Bits, its investors receive 0.032% of the shared stipend, per Byte, on the Sunday of every week (though the time[zone] is prone to change). In this way, Byte investors have access to more frequent stipend withdrawals.


Purchase/possession of Bit(s) and/or Byte(s) does not entitle the purchaser/possessor to total and/or partial association, partnership or affiliation with Cosmos Master®. Bit(s)' and Byte(s)' sole usage, purpose and intent are to allot a percentage of Cosmos Master®'s net profits to the possessor(s) of Bit(s) and/or Byte(s), in the form of a prescheduled stipend. Cosmos Master® reserves the right to refund, distribute, halt payments of, and/or control any and all payments relating to Bit(s) and/or Byte(s), at any time, at its own discretion. The purchase/possession of Bit(s) and/or Byte(s) proclaims the purchaser(s)'/possessor(s)' agreement with these terms and conditions.