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As an affiliate a land owner gains unprecedented access to all game objects, free of charge, in exchange for a permenant location for which to keep them rezzed. In exchange, the affiliate(s) are kept up to date with all additions, augmentations and alterations planned for the game.

In this way affiliates are the most informed associates alongside our staff.


There are many reasons to become an affiliate; as mentioned, affiliates get secret clearance into the official ranks of Cosmos Master and so granted access to information before its release to the public.

In addition there are several game objects the affiliate will be granted use of, at full functionality, and at no cost. As an affiliate you are responsible only for maintaining permenant land space for said game objects, for a minimum period of time, and required to sign an NDA for the sake of the aforementioned classified information.

Refining Canister

With the refining canister players are able to convert resources into materials for further manufacture or for sale as product. This game object is placed on a land owner's parcel and is useable for anyone not currently refining with it (provided it isn't already full). Affiliates receive one, every week, absolutely free of charge.


Using a stockpile a player may store product, or put it up for sale, wherein others can buy said listings. Affiliates receive one free of charge.


Affiliates receive (at no cost) one of each type of ship vendor, to be rezzed, from which players may buy ships at a mutually agreeable price (as predetermined by its owner).