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The Stockpile is a game object, which may be purchased, that allows the player to discreetly store product or put it up for sale. This mechanic singlehandedly provides an outlet for player trading and, as it appears before the onset of the Cosmauction (in the advent of Beta version), is responsible for initiating the player economy itself.


The player may place inventory into the stockpile for safe keeping. This allows you to save product for a later time, in your home or on your own land, and as such is useful for several reasons; firstly, the player mustn't convert all attained product. Secondly this provides a simple yet effective way to mimic a 'gas station', wherein players might easily refuel by returning to a previously placed stockpile. This of course requires the foresight to store Refined Xendorium in the aforementioned Stockpile.


In addition to storage, the Stockpile may play a second role simultaneously. While it can simply store product, said product may also be placed up for sale. Provided the recipient has enough cargo space and currency, the listed product can be bought from the game object itself (through the Galactic Trade window, found in the HUD.