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This page is a collection of commonly used terms throughout the wiki and the game itself. Suggestions for clarification can be made on this page's discussion section, located at the top of the page.

Game Object Used in reference to Cosmos Master® meshes that have been rezzed onto a SIM.
Godliness The unprecedented or undeserved level of power only acheived through exploitation. If you believe someone is godly, please report their username or UUID to one of our customer service representatives.
Console The sole game object that players may buy and sell product - to and from Cosmos Master® itself. It is also home to the Cosmauction.
Initiate Used to refer to the players of Cosmos Master® before the onset of game launch (throughout Alpha, Beta versions).
Hull The sum of a ship's max build and the player's armour rating.
Conversion Conversion is used to describe the act of refinement, sale or usage when refering to product.
Gathering Referred to as mining and collecting, the act of gathering connotes specifically the act of obtaining raw resources, with the ship, from a resource-type game object.
System Used to denote a land parcel within Second Life® or the collective placement of resource prims.