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Cosmos Master Official Space Station

The Station encapsulates much of the game's intent through a multitude of features; its minimalistic paradigm directly affects players in a positive way from the start. Here, you will find areas with usable equipment, the Nalden ATM, an indoor ecosystem of extraterrestrial flora, and, for its size, exhibits unanymously close proximity to all of the aforementioned and more.

Nalden ATM

The NATM is the sole object that allows conversion between Naldens (official Cosmos Master® currency) and Linden Dollars (official Second Life® currency). The rate of conversion is equivalently 1:1 and outlined in a table below.

Currency Value (L$)
Nalden 10
Celd 0.1

Simply put, one Nalden is worth 100 Celd, or 10 L$, (both ways) with absolutely no fee for exchanging.

Community Couch Program

Extraterrestrial Ecosystem