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Welcome to Cosmos Master!

POSTED ON July 13th  - POSTED IN Home

Welcome to the blog of the upcoming interactive Second Life sim, Cosmos Master!  A Universe within Second Life!

Discover the next level of integrated interactive gaming.

Create stations in your sim and play an intergalactic game within all of Second Life!

There are many aspects of Cosmos Master that make you the commander, the master of your system:


  • Design a planetary system and travel through jumpgates
  • Discover territories and receive rewards
  • Make conquests through missions and mini-games
  • Grow and produce resources, and then craft the technology to advance your forces
  • Expand weapons, vehicles, buildings, and planets
  • Defend your base and destroy your friends in RTS-style wars
  • Build better armies, more troops, and direct your fleet
  • Develop power through your growing network
  • Level up units to gain unique abilities, and unlock skill trees to make them even better
  • Level up your own self to better manage your forces and participate in events
  • Gain upgrades and enhancements to package and sell
  • Meet the community growing at the Space Stations
  • Earn income, rewards, and incentives
  • Utilize various platforms to access the game – mobile, website, and in-world


All of this and more await you in the vast calling that is Cosmos Master!  Coming to Second Life!

Game Phases

The game, as you progress, contains multiple phases of exploration and development.

Stage 1: Exploration

This stage primarily focuses on developing systems, finding planets, building, farming, mining, breeding.  Use your time in this stage to build your fleet and system for later development and manipulate stats of your units and other aspects of your system!  Make sure you spend lots of time doing this.  You’ll need it.

Stage 2: Colonization

This stage ends when 70% of the planets are controlled.  More details coming soon!

Stage 3: War and expansion

To be announced.

Stage 4: Transcendence

To be announced.


The game ends once every sim in Second Life has been found, scouted, and owner identified. The more sectors found, the more areas are declared for participation.  The more resources unearthed, the real fighting begins. The winner will be the Last Person Standing.

Message from the developers

“Consolidation is key in playing Cosmos Master. Alliances keep you alive. Your units have a very simple AI, and are controlled by auto-pilot while you are not logged in. If someone attacks your property when you are not there to defend it, your property can easily be destroyed, unless you have a fleet protecting it. But stretching yourself too far will also lead to your destruction. A new player, who builds a fleet, can easily take a planet from an experienced player without protection.

The website notifications on your User Panel will let you know what is happening, even when not logged into SL.

Second Life can allow an incredible integration between games. With its population, and Facebook, players can participate freely in the game. Yet, there can be more flexibility between platforms such as playing on tablets at the park. Or how about on the smartphone? Second Life will have every function of CosmosMaster, while the web portion and mobile access will be for checking updates, diplomatic relations, and resource status.

We want to see if SL’s community can stretch far beyond in-world, and to see how far.

We want people to be able to get into the game with 0 L$, And become the Next SL Millionaire.”


All of this exciting content awaits you, commander, and your journey into Cosmos Master to become rich and eventually the Last Player Standing.  Build your empire, crush your enemies, and above all, have fun!

The universe beckons… how do you choose to meet it?

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